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What is Elves Clan?
Elves Clan: Tricky Seasons It's a collaborative project that brings together several studios and freelancers, operating from different countries, testing the power of the collective ingenuity in order to express a positive message.

Micro Short Film

Synopsis Micro Short Film
Chicho is a character who is learning to bake a cake to celebrate the Valentines day but this faces a difficulty because of the tricky plan of the Clan of the Elves who enjoy seeing it go wrong, but the positive and resilient attitude of Chicho's makes that all progress towards an end where the result of the failed plan ends in a fun friendship. A story that reminds us that the most important thing in the Valentines Day, is to have the ability to turn adverse situations into something constructive and to share with our loved ones and sometimes not so dear, is the secret of living with joy.


Making of

Character Development

Asset creation

Easter Eggs

Elves Clan: Tricky Seasons - Video game
Download the Elves Clan: Tricky Seasons video game here, it's 100% free and don't forget to share it with other friends to test their patience.​​​​​​​
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The Team
Directed by Dyne Studio
Original Idea by Morkwork Studio
Written by Morkwork Studio / Dyne Studio / Become Studio / Juan Leon.Life / Pedro Da Silva
Strategy Planning by Dyne Studio, Juan Leon.Life and Carlos Figarella
Brand design by Become Studio, Pedro Da Silva, Juan León and Dyne Studio
Storyboard by Become Studio
Character Modeling by Nicolás Arce and Become Studio
Characters Rigging by Andrea Yañez and Nicolás Arce
Character Animations by Nicolás Arce and Become Studio
Characters and Set shading by Dyne Studio
Set Modeling by Totem TV and Dyne Studio
Simulation FX, Illumination and Rendering by Dyne Studio
Post Production and Compositing by Dyne Studio
Color Grading & Editing by Dyne Studio
2D Animations by Totem TV
Music Production and Sound Design by Carlos Figarella and Ignacio Pérez Marín

Special Thanks
Argenis León - Strategy Advisor
Clara Cruz - Voice recordings
Eduardo Dordelly - Voice Recordings
Evelin Jerez - Voice Recordings
Kenzo Mijares - Color Science and Technical Color Files Advisor
Liliana Ferro - Strategy Advisor
Raynner Gil - Character Animation Advisor
Terry Williams - Color Science Advisor
Vanessa Ferraz - Text translation
Families, friends and pets for the great support.

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