Museum of Art and Design
Living Together
Animated promo for the Museum of Art and Design, Miami Dade College. "living together"
Creative direction: Gabriela Fontanillas / @vacafonta
Art direction and design: Yonel Hernández / @yonelhernandez 
Animation: Pedro Da Silva / @pedrodaspita
Cinema 2K, 1080p and instagram versions was made for this project.


Promo animada para el Museo de Arte y Diseño, Miami Dade College. "living together"
Dirección creativa: Gabriela Fontanillas / @vacafonta
Dirección de arte y diseño: Yonel Hernández / @yonelhernandez 
Animación: Pedro Da Silva / @pedrodaspita
Versiones para Cine 2K, 1080p and instagram han sido realizadas para este proyecto 

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